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    How to set XBee Serial?


      I would like to know how to set xbee serial in case of following combination of components.

      First of all, Is it possible?

      And, is there any reference? any idea?


          [Intel Edison + Arduino Breakout Kit + Arduino Wireless Proto Shield + XBee pro s1]


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          I do not have this setup, but I do use XBees with the Edison.  I currently have set up the Seeedstudio XBee shield with a S1 (non-pro) XBee and it is working fine.


          I have this working with my own code bases to have the XBee talk to an Arbotix Commander and have some of my Robot code up and running.


          WIth the Official Arduino shield, I believe you should put the switch in the micro position (not USB), it it should configure the XBee to talk to IO pins 0, 1 of the Edison Arduino board, which corresponds with Serial1 in the Arduino world.


          What I have not looked at in your case is if the Arduino XBee shield has a good enough power setup to handle the pro series of XBees.


          Hope that helps. 

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            Hi DIESEL,


            In addition, I'd recommend you to check the following document to know which shields have been tested with Edison: Intel® Edison, Galileo & Galileo Gen 2 Shield Testing Report




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