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    D54250WYKH - display (display port) shuts down unexpectedly after OS-installation


      I have trouble with sudden loss of display signal/shutdown with use of display port to monitor.


      The display will never wake up again until you run windows installation again, booted from USB.


      I can access BIOS and get information to the montor.


      It happens between 5-15 minutes after i install windows, usually  after i have install a updated driver.


      I run:

      windows 8 x64 OS on my D54250WYKH.

      bios version is updated to xx.0030.2014.0919.1139

      8GB installed in DIMM slot 2. (the same problem happens if i install in DIMM1)


      Windows licence used is originally used on another computer.

      I have deactivated it succesfully and have installed it on the NUC.


      I need help!

      Thanks alot in advance.