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    Cost in production


      When I've finished my prototype and want to go into production is there any way to get the cost down? Or am I at a minimum of ~50 USD for the each Edison?

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          a few questions, because I am also at exploring production stage


          1. Will you produce the board yourself or via third-party?

          2. How will you configure edison and load your app during manufacturing?

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            I am interested in the same topic.


            jolt, how are you going to allow your clients to configure wifi so the Edison can reach the outside world?  (assuming your product needs connectivity).




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              also, is Edison shippable legally from Intel side? Is it a final product? I believe bluetooth software support is not ready yet

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                I am planning to release my own board with one of these: http://www.adafruit.com/product/2227

                And just snap the Edison in. I figure that we'd load the software on the boards themselves by snapping them into a board with a serial connection (USB) and then unsnapping them and snapping them to our custom board. I need to talk to a manufacturer first obviously to see how to do that at scale but I'm sure they're equipped for that.


                Terrance_, in terms of WIFI here are some ideas we've played with:

                1) Write your own desktop app with drivers to connect that people can download

                2) Have your Edison with a default SSID that it broadcasts that you connect to ADHOC and set the WIFI info through a browser. It then refreshes as a client and connects to the other wifi. You need a reset to go back to broadcasting the SSID (could be done desktop or mobile...this is what GOPRO does with their camera)

                3) Add an ethernet port for your product to connect and configure it wired before you unplug it

                4) Set it via bluetooth with a computer/mobile app


                Hope that helps.

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                  Jolt, those are some good ideas for me to chew on.


                  Thank you.


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                    also, after shiping, the OTA firmware and App updates?... Intel should provide more guidence & best practices docs for Makers...

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                      Thanks for the answer. I'm curious as to what intel expects for people going into production since there isn't really a guide or any resource available for that. Are they expecting users to have a 70 pin connector? Or to use the same components with an even more customizable board, possibly removing things they don't need? That may be a way to get it cheaper. Is there anything about the design of the Edison that is protected IP wise that would stop us from doing that? The parts are all list here for example: Intel Edison | Mouser

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                        Hi BoraTuran;


                        Currently, we are working in new documentation, as soon as they are finished and reviewed they are going to be available in order to give more guidance and examples to all. If you have ideas for these documents feel free to share it with us.




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                          Thanks for the info CMata. 50 USD is expensive for many mass scale IOT apps. I have built an Apple HomeKit implementation on Edison for home automation and I am having great difficulty in justifying the cost/featureset ratio with the Broadcom Wiced platform..

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                            I agree that it is odd that the cost is the same...and unfortunate. I think it will be enough to move back to the previous ARM platform I was working with and I will just consider our couple of Edison chips "toys." We have tens thousands of restaurants to deploy our product to and will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even more in the future, by using a different system.

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                              From my earlier experience with Intel,I do believe it's a great company which offer powerful products,It's just when you sell $1000 Xeon chip with no real competitors,it's hard for you to sell $5 chip in IoT. Although I'm excited about Edison module which I will fully evaluate,I will definitely not considering any commercial stuff.It's too expensive.

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                                Yikes, in my wildest dreams when the consumers storm my door and demand my product, I thought for sure that bulk purchasing of Edison would bring the price down.  I am going to have to re evaluate my decision to use Edison on this health care solution.

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                                  Jolt, could you describe the hardware you were using on the ARM platform that matches the functionality of Edison?  I guess you had a processor, wifi and Bluetooth as well?

                                  I need an inexpensive solution that has those 3 things combined.