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    strange colored dots and ultimately "Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows 8(R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered"




      I recently "discovered" the following issue on my laptop (Clevo; Windows 8.1; i7-4710; 16Gb RAM; Intel HD 4600 & Nvidia GTX860M):

      As soon as I switch the Energy Profile to Maximum Performance (in Intel HD graphics control panel; Energy; Power Supply [might be a different word - mine is set to Dutch]), AND the power supply is indeed connected, all sort of strange dots appear when moving the mouse. When I use e.g. Firefox the display becomes "corrupted", the laptop totally freezes and finally the message "display driver Intel graphics...stopped responding" appears.

      When I apply the Maximum Performance setting on Battery Power, this does NOT happen (when using the battery).

      If I switch the profile back to "balanced" everything goes back to normal immediately.

      On the images below:

      1st image: black dots appear in the right click menu

      2nd image: all those green dots aren't supposed to be there :-)

      HD4600 (1).jpgHD4600 (2).jpg


      Is this a known issue?