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    No video (HDMI or DVI) from DH87MC desktop board


      I have built a PC with an Intel DH87MC board and an Intel i7-4790 CPU. On power up, fans spin up, and the board power led is on, usb ports seem to be functioning, judging by the led light on connected usb keys. However, there is no video on the connected display (ASUS VS247H-P, which works perfectly well with other pc). I have tried connecting via DVI as well as HDMI, in both cases with no success. Also, there is no light in the power led on the case, and the power button does not seem to work (does not turn the system off when pressed). The Case is an Antec Three Hundres Two. I have checked the connection of front panel cables to the board as well as other cable connections and RAM seating.


      The lack of monitor video makes it impossible for me to make any changes to bios settings.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Best wishes