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    CPU cache voltage and VRM temp spikes.


      So I started working on overclocking my new Intel i7-4790K with my new ASUS Maximus VII Formula motherboard. I'm using AIDA64 to monitor and stress test. While monitoring my voltages I noticed that my CPU cache voltage will spike periodically. It will spike both high and low. I will see it go as high as 2.7 and as low as 0.03 volts. It will do this at idle and under load. It will also do this at all stock settings with no overclock and while overclocking. This is my first Haswell CPU so I haven't paid attention to this voltage with my last couple of systems. So, is this a problem? I checked the cache voltage point on the motherboard with a multimeter and did't see any spikes even when AIDA was still showing them.  So I'd think this is a false reading if it weren't for the fact that I get VRM temp spikes at the same time.  Them temp will spike low to 4 and high to over 200.  That makes me think it's real.  However, I haven't seen any instability or other errors yet. If this is a problem would it be with the CPU or the board? Any info would be appreciated.

      cache spikes.PNG

      temp spikes.PNG

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          Please allow us more time to check on this issue.

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            Actually I think I just figured this out.  I had read that using multiple programs to monitor temps, voltages, and other things can cause false readings and other problems.  I see that I forgot to mention that I also have ASUS AI Suite 3 installed (I mentioned it in my ASUS forum post but not here).  Before I even posted this I had tried uninstalling the ASUS AI suite 3 software and I still saw these spikes.  So today I thought I'd try to totally rule out the software possibility.  I installed a different OS (Win 7) on a different drive.  Then loaded just the essential drivers and AIDA64.  I ran the software for over a hour and didn't see a single spike in voltage or temp.  So I went back in to my Windows 8.1 drive and uninstalled everything I could find related to ASUS AI Suite 3 software and then uninstalled AIDA64.  Then I just reinstalled AIDA64 and I'm currently running the software (about 30 min. now) and haven't seen any spikes.  I'm going to give it the rest of the day before I say for sure that this was it (I'll post back to confirm), but I'm pretty sure that this was indeed a false reading caused by running both AIDA64 and ASUS AI Suite 3 software.  I sure hope this is it cause it's been driving me nuts!

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              I am seeing this problem as well - using AIDA64, ASUS X99 Deluxe, 5820K, also overclocking. 4.0GHZ @ 1.28V, everything else on the ASUS board is set to auto apart from multiplier and VCore. Spikes are 164 degrees in PCH, and over 2 volts in VRM.

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                Are you using any other software other than AIDA64 for monitoring? If so do like I did, uninstall any and all other programs for temp/voltage monitoring and see if these spikes go away.  Mine did after only running AIDA64.