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    How to send strings from a sensor with Bluetooth to a phone or website?


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      I am working on a project to work with the Intel Edison IoT Development kit (Buy Grove starter kit plus – Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 2 [110020002] | Seeedstudio) with Arduino breakout kit (Intel® Edison and Arduino Breakout Kit - DEV-13097 - SparkFun Electronics). I wondering what are the steps and code blocks to read strings from the included light sensor (Buy Grove - Light Sensor [SEN11302P] | Seeedstudio) , then send the current string to a mobile device or a website via Bluetooth (gather and post to website). Would this project be possible without any additional accessories other than those included in the kits from the websites above?


      Could you provide code to accomplish this? ( I am using Intel XDK IoT Edition)




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          I guess you'd have to partition your project in several sub-tasks such as:

          - building a server on Edison capturing light sensor data: should be pretty easy. Just read in analogue data of the light sensor (if you're on Arduino extension board). Examples are available on how to read in analogue data on C/C++/Python I think (aio.*) - probably also for Node.JS

          - bluetooth communication between Edison and a mobile - I'd start from console. I guess basic profiles should be supported (like RFCOMM). You'd have to figure out which bluetooth profile fits best your need

          - bluetooth support from Node.JS - not sure on this. Worst case just make system calls to what you accomplished in prior step