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    MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC SSD Intel 520 Series (Freeze)


      Hi everyone,

      i have huge problem with my new MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC motherboard, and new Intel 520 SSD.

      i5 4670k, Motherboard Z97 MpowerMAX AC, 16GB DDR3 Gskill Trident X 2400, PSU Corsair RM 750W


      Something is not right, my SSD freeze form time to time.

      The LED is lit for about 60 seconds, I am not able to perform any operation, then everything goes back to work.

      Again, after a short time the same poblem, after couple of minutes again, and again.


      Al drivers are UP TO DATE, BIOS are up to date, trim is ON, SSD work's in AHCI mode.


      Do you have any ideas what can cause this problem ?