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    Display driver Intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows 8(R) stopped responding


      I saw the topic of the black screen, but I think it does not apply to my case. In about five days the error began to irritate me on the notebook, anything I put on a 1920x1080 intel graphics crashes and causes the computer to go to the lowest possible resolution, I can hear ( in case of games ) and even interact without being able to see, however, I've been looking through the threads and did what I asked,updated the drivers and everything, the only thing that did was a suggestion about going into advanced mode in the panel intel graphics, which was not possible because when I try to enter this mode the panel crashes. The problem is that it made things worse, lock it up in videos and others things. I'm using a better resolution, so I did system restore and the error persists . Any idea how to solve? Thank you. ( It's the same problem in another resolution just on a smaller scale )