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    CDC serial and RNDIS drivers not installing


      I just got a Edison board with Arduino hardware kit.  I have been working through the getting started guide to bring the device up.  I installed the FTDI drivers and the Edison drivers.  When I plug the board in (using both USB ports) It is not able to find the CDC Serial and RNDIS drivers.  I have tried multiple times to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.  I have tried to manually find the location of the driver files.  So far no luck.  Any ideas? Here is the install log file output.


      x64 os

      Windows version: 7

      CertMgr.exe MFLD_USB_driver_cert.cer returned 0

      Installing drivers, please wait

      drvinstall.exe intc_usbcomp.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_rndis.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_cdcserial.inf returned 0

      drvinstall.exe intc_dfu.inf returned 0

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