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    Why does my Intel(R) Dual Bans Wireless-AC 3160 Adapter stop working when my laptop sleeps?


      Every time I close my laptop my WiFi disconnects and seems to disappears completely, as i go to connect it in my network settings and it can't find any connections.
      I ran the troubleshooter and it came up with "The Intel(R) Dual Bans Wireless-AC 3160 adapter is experiencing driver - or hardware - related Problems."
      And it remains like that until I restart the laptop, but as soon as i close the laptop or sleep it, the problem happens again and there are no connections.
      I bought this laptop no more than 2 months ago and everything came with it so i know it wasn't me ******* up an installation or anything
      can someone please help i need this for school and work and its really ******* up my day.