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    NUC Atom DE3815TYKE doesn't boot without screen


      I have an Intel NUC Atom DE3815TYKE. My problem is that it doesn't boot if there is no screen plugged in the VGA port. I updated the BIOS to the latest version (0036 dated October 23, 2014), but the problem is still the same. I experienced this issue with 2 NUC Atom units (2 units purchased at different dates). In the BIOS, the only parameters that I changed are "OS Selection" = "Linux" (to activate the 4 GB MMC on which I install Linux Debian 7) and the boot drive order.


      I purchased these Atom NUC for embedded system (Asterisk server, Odoo Posbox...), so it is really a pain to be obliged to have a screen plugged in the NUC to make it boot.


      Have you experienced the same problem ? Do you know a workaround ? Or a cheat in the BIOS configuration ?



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