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    Start a Process in Linux from a Arduino Sketch



      I am looking to expand on an existing project I have been working with on a few Arduino Based AtMega processors. I would like to port my code to the Edison for the Robotics control. The power of the Edison is quite nice and while I am primary a c# developer and feel most comfortable in that environment I would like to install mono on board which I don't believe will be a huge issue except maybe the flash size. but to my issue. I have code that should just run as there isn't much special to it controlling my robotics but what I want to add is the capability to execute a c# application from the Arduino code I have already written at certain points in my process to have the c# code I write perform some higher level logic such as processing images and running neural network code against the images. The nice thing the Edison provides is the ability to use USB host and attach nice HD web Cams that I can use to capture very high resolution images. The reason I want to use c# is because I already have some nice Neural networks I have written in the past I really don't want to rewrite in c or c++. Yes I realize I could make it more efficient in c. I don't want to get into a purest discussion and I could do it that way or this way what I am most concerned with is how I can call in and execute the start up of a process with Prams inside my arduino code. I am not a big c programmer. I am not fond of the low level coding and would refer to stick to higher level languages where possible especially for the type of code I am planning on implementing.


      How do I execute a process on the edison from the arduino code? The Arduino Yun has a bridge lib that allows it to launch processes is there something similar in the Edison?



      Terry Massey