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    Limited write (erase) cycles


      Hi, I would like to know how many write cycles typical MLC flash memory can sustain. Is it around the endurance of  10,000 cycles?

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          When the intel ssd toolkit is available for release, one can see the S.M.A.R.T attribute "Media Wearout indicator". This count goes from 100 down to 1, where 1 is when it reached the max number of erase cycles. My officemate who is using his Gen1 SSD for 8 months now (heavy user), the wearout indicator is at 96. This means that only 4 wear-indicator units got used in 8 months. This translates to a useful life of 16 years. Intel did a good job on wear-levelling and write amplification algorithms.

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            A little bit more information... informal, not from Intel

            Specific attributes possibly used by Intel

            232 - Endurance Remaining aka "Media Wearout indicator".

            233 - Unknown

            and Reallocated Sector Count used as non-standart implementation (no RAW data, parameter grows up) to count used "spare flash"

            More information is not avaible for public today

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              Intel product Manager quoted that the mlc cells used in the intel ssd can go up to 100,000 erase cycles. http://blog.laptopmag.com/intel-product-manager-talks-ssds

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                JFYI, an Intel representative said on September 12 in Akihabara that Intel would release "Intel SSD Toolbox" hopefully in Q4, until public release of Windows 7.  He showed a screenshot of the "SSD Toolbox" and touched on  three SMART attributes related to SSD end of life, namely E1: Host Writes ("LBA's written" in the screenshot), E9: Media Wearout Indicator and E8: Available Reserved Space.  The screenshot can be seen in a Japanese site.


                So, I think information on Intel SSD's remaining life time can be checked in very near future.

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                  So it's just HEX, we can convert it to decimal and use any S.M.A.R.T.  tool to check it now

                  E1=225=Host Writes "LBA's written"

                  E8=232=Available Reserved Space

                  E9=233=Media Wearout Indicator


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