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    Running sample application on Edison throug Eclipse fails: Daemon failed to launch server


      Hi, I am trying to get Eclipse working with my intel edison and breakout board.  So far I have been able to ssh into Edison, use screen, compile and run files from inside the Edison, but I am having trouble launching files on Edison from Eclipse provided from here: https://software.intel.com/en-us/iot/downloads.  I am following this guide published by intel: Running a Sample Application.  I have completed all the steps prior to step 4, which is where the error occurs.  The exact error reads :


      "Error during file upload.

      Daemon failed to launch server on using port 0"


      I have googled Daemon stuff and am a little overwhelmed, and was wondering if anyone knew the quick fix I need to do to get this running.  Something to do with the starrt-stop-daemon script?


      Thanks a lot for your help,