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    DN2820FYKH w/ Insignia TV Goes Blank after bios


      Today we attempted installing a DN2820FYKH at a client office. I connected it to a Insignia TV via HDMI.

      However, after the BIOS prompt -- the screen goes blank. 


      From how the box behaves, it appears the OS is never accessed. 

      I assume the boot fails during or directly after the BIOS init.


      As I was performing multiple installs today, I attempted hooking up another DN2820FYKH to the Insignia TV.  This box produced the same results.  I attempted plugging into another HDMI input on the Insignia.  Same failed results.


      Both boxes have been tested with flawless results for the past four weeks.  As a troubleshooting test, I then connected the boxes to an LG TV, and re-confirmed the boxes booted without issue.


      Summary: Two DN2820FYKH's fail to boot when connected to a Insignia TV.


      Video of post bios "blank screen".



      Manufacturer date: 2014-07-24

      Bios: Latest. 



      Is this a known problem? 

      Are there suggestions for resolution for this type of problem?