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    Dual Band Wireless N-7260 pcie mini adapter antennas configuration


      I have a problem finding some specs how the chips onboard two antenna connectors should be setup.

      How does it work?

      As i understand chip can work in dual mode which is providing 5Ghz connectivity and 2.4Ghz connectivity at the same time.

      How should i have to chooce antennas? 5ghz antenna for one connector and 2.4ghz antenna for second connector? which connector is 5ghz and which one 2.4ghz or they are interchangable, meaning

      the both send 5ghz signal and 2.4 signal simultaneously? If so can i just use 2.4ghz band with two working 2.4Ghz antennas?

      Will it work if i only use one 2.4ghz antenna?


      Any help appreciated, little confused.