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    Usb Cables Issues


      Hi all,


         Just FYI some cables seem not to work properly with the Arduino/Edison Boards. In my case, after receiving my board I tried to connect it to the my mac with some high quality usb cables I had just bought. Even though the power led turned ON the board was not visible to any Mac/PC computers I tried... Nothing appeared neither in the Arduino app->tools->Serial Port nor in the  /dev/ folder and there was no way to communicate with the device. After some internet search it turned out that some cables are not compatible with boards and thus can only power the board and not transfer data. After finding some usb cables that declared in the their product information that was for data transfer everything worked fine.


      Thus I suggest that you double-check in the product specification that the usb cable is specifically for data transfer, as well as, keep an eye for the return policy of the product in case it turns out to be incompatible with the board.