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    replicating rasberry pi sensor on the Galileo


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          Clayton Hofrock

          Since it uses an Analog to Digital converter (ADC) I am going to assume that the final output of the sensor board is just a voltage level.


          There is already an ADC on the Galileo board, so that would not be needed for the Galileo. You could connect the output of the sensor board directly to one of the Analog inputs on the Galileo board.


          The hard part might be rewriting the script? The script was probably reading several GPIOs in order to get the digital value of the Analog signal. Then it probably converted that to an analog value?


          On the Galileo, you would just receive the analog value. I wrote a python Script that will read the analog values of the GPIO pins. galileo-chofrock/pyGalileo · GitHub  You should be able to modify the python script to use the analog value instead of reading a digital value....