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    Intel Galileo IoT dev kit setup issues


      Hello I've got an Intel Galileo dev kit gen-1. I am facing problem with Arduino IDE. Previously i boot my galileo with Full linu image and everything work great but today I booted it from new IoT image as per instruction on Appendix-1 but not none of my Arduino sketch is working. I sort out driver issue get it up and running, can log in to root via ssh on local network but i cannot set up to blink led using arduino ide. When i upload the sketch it says done uploading but no activity on the LED on pin 13, I even connected external Leds changed pins used analog sensors but nothning work for me. Is it that Arduino is not compatible with new IoT image? But IoT intel site says support for Arduino IDE. Howerver i can toggle pins from Linux file system over SSH


      I've been struggling quite a long to get everything work on Galileo. i urgently need openCV and Python to work for me for a project at upcoming hackathon but i dont know how to set cross compilation toolchain and i also dont want to build my own image from scracth so please suggest an image which works fine for








      A quick demo of setting up OpenCV from video or reference would be really really great help for my project. I will be using a USB webcam over host port.


      And i want to program the board using pyhton and arduino only. Need quick help

      Thanx in advance.