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    How to setup a DHCP server using Busybox on Galileo ?


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to turn my board (Gen 1) into a DHCP+DNS server. I'm currently using the devtools image compiled by AlexT_Intel (V1.02: https://communities.intel.com/message/238521#238521 ). It includes BusyBox with dnsd+udhcpd.

      I can't find how to set up udhcpd so my board automatically attribute IP addresses to clients. Does someone know ?

      When a try to start the DNS server with the command "busybox dnsd" I get the error "dnsd: bind: Address already in use". I'm using an Arduino sketch to set the ethernet IP address in order to access through SSH to the board. Could that sketch responsible for that error ?

      I would appreciate if someone could orient me to a tutorial on how to use these two tools. So far I couldn't find much on Internet.

      Thank you,