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    Intel Galileo and Arduino Motor Shield + AnythingConnect?


      I am trying to control to a dc motor using galileo, arduino motor shield and anything connect.

      So far i both succeeded and failed. I know that the arduino motor shield is supported by intel galileo but when i connect to motor shield on top of the gen 1, it doesn't fit as smoothly as it does on the gen 2. So sometimes only one light on channel A and B would come on. Sometimes both will come on. I think this is because it doesn't fit as properly on the gen 1 as it does gen 2.

      I was thinking maybe i can use something like this.To connect the pins on the the motor shield to the galileo



      The next issue is with anything connect. I know that on the motor shield,

      Digital 12 and 13 controls direction

      Digital 3 and 11 controls pwm

      Digital 9 and 8 controls brake

      Analog 0 and 1 control current sensing (not needed)


      Here is what i do.

      i got to cat.com

      on acutators i select 3,8,9,11,12,13


      If i only connect the one motor to channel A , 8 and 9 are able to turn it left and right

      but when i connect both the front and back motors 8 sends the back motor in the reverse direction, and 9 in the forward direction. Nothing else works.

      The only thing i can think of is that my wiring might be off