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    intel rapid storage technology raid 0 boot fails


      hey guys


      I'm having a problem with intel rapid storage technology.

      I have 3 samsung 840 evo (240gb) ssd's in raid 0 as my boot drive (windows 8.1).

      When i boot up my pc the raid fails most of the times, while somethimes it works perfectly (very rare).

      I somethimes have to restart my pc up to 10 times in a row to get into windodows, while somethimes it works perfectly.

      When the boot fails it only shows 2 of the 3 drives on the screen and sais the raid has failed.

      After a couple times of restarting the pc it will say that the raid is succesfull after which i need to restart it once more before being able to select it as a boot option in the bios....


      I tried a lot of things and dont't know what to do and it's getting really annoying....


      Asus h87-plus

      1 one year old samsung ssd

      2 new samsung ssd's

      onboard raid controller.


      Thx guys

      (Sorry for bad english)