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    Can somebody help?




      I have an INTEL Server S5000PAL, this server has a RAID controller (SRCSASJV).


      The Problem that i'm having is that we have 6 SAS SEAGATE Cheetah Hard Disk Drive, with a RAID 1+0(2 HDD) and RAID 5(4 HDD), i was about to reinstall the OS(Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition) so i shutdown the server(at this step I haven't done anything to the OS like reinstalling or formatting), took out the HDDs in the RAID 5 configuration to leave only in the server the RAID 1+0 to only work with this HDDs and turned on the server.


      After this step the server says that there's no HDD Found, No RAID configured(then it shows the six HDD and 2 Virtual Disk). Then it was saying that it found two foreign configuration if i wanted to import them, I accepted to import both configurations. In here i can see both RAID configurations.


      Then i rebooted again the server but still having the same error saying there's no HDD Found or RAID configuration.


      What Should I Do to fix this?

      Is there a problem to take out a hard drive from the server if it is in a RAID configuration? I have done this with others servers and there's wasnt a problem before.


      Please I need to solve this ASAP





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          Yes, you will want to leave all the hard drives in.  The SRCSASJV is smart enough to notice the entire array is gone, and wants to help you solve the issue safely.

          You can reinstall without needing to pull disks.