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    Bluetooth Joysticks?  PS3? XBox 360?


      I am working on using an Edison and/or Galileo2 to control one or more of my robots.  Currently I have the Edison working using an USB2AX controller for AX servos and an Arbotix Commander( XBee through XBee shield).  Which is fine as I use XBees for most of my projects.


      However on the Edison that has built-in Bluetooth it makes more sense to me, to use a BT type joystick such as controllers for the PS3 or XBox 360. 

      Has anyone done this yet?  I have not looked much yet as XBox, but have done a little investigation with PS3.




      I know from some other linux installs and searches that the Bluetooth conversation of the PS3 is not quite standard and you usually need some other software on your machine to make it work.  I have a PS3 controller at least rudimentary working on an Intel Nuc running Ubuntu 14.04.  I needed to install a package sixaxis to make them talk.  More details about this up on the site: Sixaxis - Community Help Wiki


      I am pretty sure that this one is not part of our standard install, so I downloaded the sources and tried a make, which fails as it needs the tool pyuic4.  I think I found the python sources for this, but it also requires many other python packages...


      Also not sure how much of the sixaxis package I need to at least get it up and running.  If I skip most of the directories and for example try to compile the sixad directory, it fails needing bluetooth/bluetooth.h, so need to find if these files are somewhere?  did not find any obvious opkg files...


      So again I wonder if anyone else has done this?