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    CPU temperature during Prime95 stress test


      I recently purchased a Core i5-4590K 3.5Ghz.  I am using it with the stock heatsink/fan, but I did remove the stock thermal grease and used Arctic Silver 5 instead.  I am using an ASUS utility, Dual Intelligent Processor 4, to measure CPU temperature.  At idle, it is 30C.  I stress-tested with Prime95, using Small FFT and also the Blended test, and in both cases, my CPU temp hit 70C within a few minutes, so I shut the test down.  I had the CPU fan running at full speed, which was about 2000 RPM.   Does this indicate that I may have applied the thermal grease incorrectly, or attached the heat sink incorrectly?  I've read that a good PC should be able to handle Prime95 for several hours.  Do I just need to replace the stock HSF with something better?  Thanks!