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    Graphics problem.


      Hi everyone, I'm new and have a problem with a Sony Vaio Laptop Model SVE151D11M That I purchased off eBay.


      It was supposed to have  a  2.40MHz, 3Gen Processor, 8 Gb Ram, and HD4000 Graphics Chip.


      I went onto the intel site and used the 'auto detect' driver update system to update the Chipset and Graphics drivers.


      After this however, when I looked into Device Manager, the HD chip was identified as a HD3000, not the HD4000 I was supposed to have?


      Also the processor is listed s a 2nd Gen 2.3MHz?


      Is it possible to accidently install a HD3000 Driver onto a HD4000 chip from the Intel site?


      I wondered if it was something I did wrong, and now the HD4000  thinks its a HD3000.


      The seller says it's my fault, and I have damaged the Laptop! Won't accept return.


      I think I have been mislead over the Laptop spec.


      Thanks for any helpful comments.


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          Hi, Well would you believe it ? I tried. I tried to return it by returning under the 14 day distance selling regulations, and also because it was not as advertised, but the seller advised eBay he would not accept the return (I didn't think the seller could do that, or that eBay would accept it.


          But even though the return went through the system as a return and eBay supplied a return label for me to print out, they then advised me Not to send it, as the seller had declined the return. They said in 14 days I could open a dispute.


          I paid by credit card so I've reported it to them as well, and they say if eBay don't sort it, they can have a go, but only after 28 days have passed.


          It's a same really, it's a good little laptop, but not to the spec I paid for, and the HD4000 is better (to direct x11) with the new Ivy bridge.


          The model number is SVE1511K1EW

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            The specifications from few web pages indicate it is Intel® HD Graphics 3000.

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              Many thanks for this information, its as I thought, I have been sold a HD3000, advertised as a HD4000. The 4000 supports Directx11, higher than the other.