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    Enabling all 4 of my cores

      Hi i have been using an intel core 2 duo (on vista) and i noticed that i have only been using 1 core


      i went to start, run typed msconfig, then the boot tab and then advanced options.


      in the drop down menu of processors, it was on one and i could chose up to 4 so i chose 2 just to be save and try it. my games, espscially WoW seem to run much more smoothly but now i cant change it to 4 processors and i dont know why. Also i was wondering whether i should check the maximum memory box next to that option?


      Any help would be apprieciated

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          this option allows you to assign more cores for the boot process. By default there is only one core "assigned" in Windows Vista for the boot process. It is not possible to assign more cores than you phsyically have. Since the core 2 duos do not have hyperthreading enabled there are no "logical cpus/cores" that you can activate.