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    Intel Galileo 1 unidentified component half-broken


      Hi everyone,


      You're my last hope to find out what's happening to my board.


      I explain:

      Recently I've bought an Intel Galileo 1 to do a flight controller for a quadcopter. Every think worked well until I performed a test with low security for my board. I was testing an ESC with a motor and its propeller then the motor went really fast (10,000 rpm) and my board has been ejected from the table due to the propeller's blast.


      Next to this mistake, I stopped everything and discovered that my board had damage. One component is broken. I looked on the web to find out the component and understand what's it. Unfortunately I didn't find anything. I succeed to restart my board but I need to press on the half-broken component with my finger to start it properly.

      Another thing, which is weird, is if I press the on-the-board restart button after a proper start, the board restarts properly without any press on the half-broken component.


      I've attached a picture of the half-broken component. Whether someone knows what this component could be, I maybe could find a solution to avoid pressing on it to start the board properly.


      Thank you so much in advance.