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    D3410WYK raid support


      I got an D3410WYK I find that it has RAID support.

      But, I found only RAID Level 0 (striping).

      Is there support for RAID 1 (mirroring)???

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          Hi Irko, it supports both:

          The PCH supports Intel® Rapid Storage Technology, providing both AHCI and integrated RAID functionality. The RAID capability provides high-performance RAID 0 and 1 functionality on all SATA ports. Other RAID features include hot spare support, SMART alerting, and RAID 0 auto replace. Software components include an Option ROM for pre-boot configuration and boot functionality, a Microsoft Windows compatible driver, and a user interface for configuration and management of the RAID capability of the PCH.

          http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23090/eng/D54250WYB_D34010WYB_TechProdSpec06.pdf (page 25)