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    would like to check up on my cpu


      Hello.  I was wondering if someone could suggest a program to give me useful info on my cpu (e.g. temps etc.) and maybe suggest something for testing it.  I guess that would be a stress test, just to see if it's cool enough and is not producing any errors.  I've had a cpu burn up on me years ago and just want to be sure and keep a preemptive eye on thing with this one.

      I'm running a q6600 on a pk5-e mobo with thermaltake 600w 80+ power.  I'm currently using an ati hd2600pro 512 card while my gts250 1gig is being rma'd.  I'm using win xp-pro 32bit, sp3 with all updates.  Nothing, absolutely nothing is oc'd.  Only thing oc'd is gts card (once I get it back) which came oc'd by BFG.


      I'd appreciate any advice as I'd like to keep a watchful eye over my modest rig.

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          Hello there,


          Usually it is always best to use the Motherboard Manufacturer Utility tool to do these things. But since you are using an Asus Motherboard, i dont know if they have one, you will need to check with them.


          Otherwise there are some third party software like:


          Core Temp

          CPU Z


          Stress Tool:



          Note: Third Party Software may behave differently.


          Intel Desktop Board has its own monitoring tool called Intel Desktop Utilities and for extreme boards there Intel Desktop Control Centre.


          All the best,




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            You make it seem so obvious.  Yes, my Asus board came with a cd with untilities on it and one being to monitor cpu, board temps and fan speeds.  I also tried realtemp.  Oddly enough, the Asus utility pegged me at 23C idle (room temp. 24C) and realtemp at a more realistic 35C idle (55C running photoshop filters at full blast with cpu at 100% for 15 seconds).


            I looked at cpubenchmark and like what I read there and will give it a try.

            Thanks for the advice.