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    Windows 8 + Lenovo Docking Station = External Monitors Not Working


      This issue is dogging me.


      I upgraded my Lenovo X240 to Windows 8 and everything works fine, at work I have an ASUS VH238 that I connect to via the DisplayPort.  The Asus doesn't have any DisplayPorts, so I use a Startech MiniDisplayPort to HDMI adapter.


      No problems.


      Now, at home I have an UltraDock.  When I was using Windows 7, everything was wonderful.  But now, disaster.  I have two of the same monitors (Asus VH238) and I connect my UltraDock with DisplayPort to HDMI cables.  I can see the BIOS prompts and the initial Windows logo.  But as soon as the Intel Driver gets loaded, everything goes blank.  The lights on the monitors turn from Blue to Orange and the laptop doesn't see any external monitors either.


      If I change the graphics drivers to "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" I can get one monitor working.  I don't think the basic MS driver does multi-monitor anyway.


      I've swapped it out with another UltraDock, no change.


      OK, and here's this: At work, my boss has a similar X240 and an Ultradock.  EXCEPT he has two Lenovo monitors using DisplayPort cables (no adapters).  AND IT WORKS FINE.  His works, mine works.


      So, I'm ready to give and go back to Win7, but I'd rather not I like Win8 (No really!  I Do!).


      Any thoughts?


      FYI: I followed the instructions from Lenovo here, no change:

      External monitors attached to ThinkPad Pro Dock, ThinkPad Ultra dock, or ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock do not function as ex…