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    Putty does not communicate with Edison Arduino board


      I am starting to play with the Arduino breakout for the Edison, and successfully made it through the "blink" test following the guide "Edison Getting Started Guide - Windows".

      I also was able to run another of the Arduino examples that sends serial data back to the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.

      However, there is the notice at the top of the pages in this guide "Prerequisite: you have successfully flashed Edison with the latest image" and that is where I have my problem.

      When I try to connect to the Edison with PuTTy, there is no response from the board after hitting the enter key twice as instructed, or ever, actually. I have checked port settings and all seems OK, although there is no mention of what the flow control should be. I am using "none", but have tried all the others. 8-1-none-none, 115200.

      I am using a PC, Windows 7, and have used PuTTy successfully with other devices, so I don't think there is a problem with PuTTy, or my hardware.

      Any suggestions for how I can talk to the Edison using PuTTy?

      Thanks in advance.