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    Downloaded drivers do not match date




      I have a Lenovo T420 which has a 2nd Gen Intel 3000 gfx chip in it. Intel keeps telling me via its auto driver update utility that my drivers are out of date. So I download the recommended driver which is dated 4th of October, but once I click to install the driver the date of the included driver is march 28th but the version is said to be


      So I am confused, where is this new driver or are the dates tagged to the drivers wrong? Ive been having problems with wireless sharing on my notebook since switching to windows 8.1 and hoping this would help the situation.

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          Hi Daikonran


          Is the driver auto update utility an Intel application or is it possible that it is the Lenovo driver update utility?


          The latest driver for Intel HD300 graphics is This is generic Intel HD Graphics driver and will not have any of the customizations on the Lenovo supplied driver for the t420.


          I am not sure why you are seeing discrepancy in the dates of the drivers however, the generic driver listed above is the latest we have on Intel Download Center.




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            Hi Robert,


            Thanx for the quick reply. I use the Intel auto update utility and downloaded the exact same driver that you linked above, but once you click past the first two steps and it lists the drivers release date, you will see that it says there March 28th. I install that driver and when I check again intel says I should still update...When i check the driver installed in device manager it says I have installed. So idk what this means exactly...