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    Divorce from Adapters: Taking the Custom "Block" Plunge


      As a software guy, I'm pretty proud of the new standalone GPS adapter "blocks" I built based on the SparkFun Edison templates:




      I'd be a lot prouder if they worked.


      The design is simple.  I route the 3.7V LiPoly battery input directly to Edison's VSYS, then use a voltage shifter TXB0104 to communicate between with the 3.3V GPS module over UART2.


      I had planned to ssh into the Edison via WiFi to check to evaluate how well things were working, but when I plug in the battery the device never shows up on my home network like it does when it's connected to the Arduino adapter.  I really don't think the Edison is booting at all.  The blue GPS "fix" LED blinks serenely, suggesting that the GPS is getting power,


      My "power on" event--jamming the LiPoly battery connector into the socket--is pretty lame.  Do you think that might be too noisy and bouncy to support a clean boot?  The Board User Guide seems to suggest that all you need to boot an Edison is an appropriate voltage on VSYS.  Is there something else I'm missing?


      Thanks much for any guidance!


      Mikal Hart