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    NUC DN2820FYKH 2 speakers only


      I have a NUC DN2820FYKH with o/s of windows 8.1 running windows media centre with latest bios update and intel drivers. I am feeding the HDMI output from NUC directly into my TV. I have connected TV's monitor out to the COAX input of my AV receiver (my AV receiver does not support HDMI, only SPDIF Optical/Coax inputs).  In this configuration, I am only able to setup stereo speakers under Playback > Devices> Configure. I cannot setup/output 5.1 sound as it is not visible in Audio Channels list (only Stereo is visible). This configuration does provide 5.1 sound when feeding a signal from my set top box (in lieu of the NUC). Any ideas on how I can get 5.1 working from my NUC. Is the issue caused by HDMI handshaking between the NUC and the TV, limiting the available options or is it a driver issue or something else?