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    Flickering textures and crash in "Minecraft" with VBOs? Intel HD Graphics (bay trail)


      After a few minutes of gameplay minecraft starts having constant non-stop random flickering disappearing and reappearing blocks/chunks of terrain/textures but usually never on the GUI/HUD


      And no matter what settings or options i play with. Enabling "VBOs" in the video options crashes the game outright to the desktop instantly with intel openGL 7.dll as the culpret


      Latest driver Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1 version posted for Ivybridge and Baytrail


      Hardware Intel Celeron j1900 quad core processor

      4GB system memory

      Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail series)


      Is there a specific driver that doesn't crash with VBOs or have the flickering issue?

      This only happens in the recent latest driver.