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    Intel HD-series  Contrast Problem...  blooming / overly bright areas - How to fix?


      I have now tried three different computers (all laptops)... different makes and models - two have Intel video, and one has AMD.


      I hooked all of these up to a 2nd screen - a new DLP projector.


      The Intel, in many scenes, unwatchable.


      AMD laptop is 100% fine, video looks beautiful in all cases. Color and Contrast is perfect.


      Both Intel laptops (HD3000 & HD4400) have a huge and same exact problem... massive light blooming in the bright areas of the screen.

      ... scenes with windows where light comes through, bright room lights (ceiling, walls, etc) and even light that reflects off people's faces end up white or yellow-white and shiny

      ... scenes where there are not bright white or yellow areas the contrast and colors look great.


      I have done numerous searches over the past two months and found most people saying to turn off Adaptive Contrast and Power Savings. Both are off. I turns off ALL enhancements I could find in all menus. Noe of this helped at all.


      Anyone here know how to fix this issue?


      thank you for the help!