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    INTEL Celeron N2820 GPU Bad Performance in Counter-Strike 1.6


      Hi guys,


      I have a big issue with my Celeron N2820 onboard GPU (Intel HD) -- brand new laptop


      I get really bad fps in Counter-Strike 1.6 which is a very very old game.


      My old PC: single core with a dedicated 64mb gpu and 512mb of ram ran it flawless with 150-180 fps @ 640x480


      I have searched the internet and found a lot of users complaining about bad OpenGL performance.


      My PC Specs:
      Toshiba Sattelite C55A - 1 RG

      Intel Celeron N2820 2.13 ghz

      Intel HD GPU (it says 64mb)

      4GB RAM

      500GB HDD

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

      I have tried everything:

      Performance mode in the drivers, disable AA, disable vsync (altough intel doesn't have a CLEAR OFF option and unfortunately the GPU control panel doesn't have many tweaking options which shouldn't be hard to implement)

      I have searched for some overclocking utility for my gpu but with no luck...Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is not compatible...

      Lowest possible resolution in the game, high priority in windows 7, latest driver installed with Intel(R) Driver Update Utility 2.0, clean windows install, I have proper cooling for my laptop, no dust, temperatures are ok...but still no luck

      I think the problem is with bad optimization for OpenGL apps such as Counter-Strike 1.6 because I can run games with way higher requirements without issues (FIFA 11 for example, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1&2, Counter-Strike Source, League of Legends, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010, World of Warcraft and so on).


      I have played CS 1.6 since 2007 and this pc with this specs should RUN the game at 100 fps constantly at 1366x768 without issues.


      I apologize for my bad english and please help me solve my issue Intel.