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    USB Mouse not working after Windows 8.1 UPDATE!!


      Hey there. My mouse stopped working after updating to windows 8.1 I dunno why. Please help me. My mouse is a LEXMA Optical mouse and i tried it with other Laptops and it worked. But when i try it to my laptop it wont move. What will i do? Thanks for your help.


      My laptop is ACER

      INTEL HD 4000

      Thanks for your help

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          Druglord some recommendation I can give in order to try solve this behavior are the following:


          • Test another USB port.
          • Do a system restore on your computer to the last working state.
          • Check for a new BIOS version that may need to be installing on your system.
          • Test another USB mouse on your laptop.
          • Check with ACER  if you need to install a new USB driver.