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    Bluetooth Low Energy Firmware


      Hi everyone!


      At this moment, I am doing some experiments with Edison Bluetooth low energy capabilities (also in terms of power consumption).


      However, I have some problems to develop a bluetooth low energy (BT LE) "server".



      • Edison acts as a peripheral device. It must both advertise its UUID (128 bit) and run a GATT Server (with generic -not yet defined- services/characteristics)
      • An Android phone must be able to scan LE devices, and connect to the GATT server. It acts as a central device.


      Where I am

      I have written an android app that is able to perform the required tasks.


      On Edison Linux shell I have used the following commands to advertise a BT LE device:

      rfkill unblock bluetooth

      hcitool -i hci0 cmd 0x08 0x008 1e 02 01 1a 0b ff 48 45 4c 4c 4f 57 4f 52 4c 44

      hciconfing -i hci0 leadv 0

      where 48 45 4c 4c 4f 57 4f 52 4c 44 is "HELLOWORLD" in ASCII. To intepret the advertising data format, please refer to Bluetooth Core Specification 4.1 Vol. 3, Part C, 11


      What help I think I need

      I would like to know if I could simplify the development of a BTLE firmware using a C/C++/Python/Java library (without looking inside the bluez source code! )