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    Edison Forum "Popular Content"


      There is starting to be a lot of great content on this board.  But with all due respect to the wonderful contributions intel_jorge has given us, I'm pretty sure his one-line post from last September A handful or more design files uploaded is not really among the top four most popular.  And yet, every time we open the front page of the Makers Forum we see it so listed, along with three other more or less stale posts.


      By comparison, the Galileo "Popular Content" on the right side of the page always looks fresh and exciting.  May I suggest we fix the algorithm for determining what's "popular" on the Edison side?  One might think that Edison was a dying product.



      It really is exciting to see the tempo pick up on the Edison side.  If I can venture another suggestion, I think the expanded presentation of the latest postings on the main Edison Page doesn't really work anymore.  When each post is expanded like this, then only about 5 posts are visible on the front page:


      The Edison forum posting rate is now at the point where the typical post only lasts a couple of hours before being relegated to the ash heap of history, i.e. page 2.  Is it possible to display less of each post with Jive?  Just a suggestion.  Thanks.