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    Kicchip IDE Download




      I'm hoping members of this forum will check out a new IDE I'm working on that compiles c++ for Galileo board, that uses pre-built arduino style libraries.


      For a windows version download from here..



      I will be uploading for other platforms (Apple Mac, Ubuntu,RPI) shortly..


      The IDE connects to my kloud server, which is where your project files are stored as well as the binaries and libraries required to compile a project.


      The system is already configured for the Intel Galileo board, but can also be used to compile for other targets:


      Atmel AVR





      A single project can have multiple targets, from each platform, so you only need to write c++ code once to get output for each target platform.


      To get it going,


      1  Download and extract the zip and run the setup.

      2. Open the IDE

      3. Click "Login"

      4. For new users - click "Register"

      4.1 Enter a username, and your email address

      4.2 A password is emailed to you

      5. Enter your username and password.

      6. Click "New Project"

      7. Select project type, "Program Wiring/Arduino Style" (as opposed to the "library c plus plus" option)

      8. Your project is now created for several targets, press Ctrl + Shift + F9 to compile them all and view the output.

      9. If you only want to compile for galileo then select the galileo target and press Ctrl + F9


      Thanks for your help,