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    SSD 530, 240GB doesn't recognized by Firmware update tool nor OS


      I got a SSD 530 to replace the original HDD that my Lenovo IdeaPad s410p has. It is (sometimes) recognized by the BIOS (after a warm reboot it's not recognized), but it is not recognized by the firmware update tool ISO or Fedora. I have used different USB Flash drives with different linux distros, and also using live DVD's with no result. I have tried both AHCI and Compatible SATA mode, but I'm not able to install anything on it.


      I have tried using a USB to SATA adaptor and the SSD drive works correctly. Also I connected this drive to another laptop and it worked correctly too. So I think the problem is in my laptop's BIOS, or the drive's firmware. Can you help me?


      Thanks! Francisco.