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    DG45FC - New build, no beeps, no display w/ onboard video


      My new build looks like this:


      Intel DG45FC mobo (brand new)

      Kingston DDR 2 Non-ECC KVR667D2N5/1G (2 sticks) (brand new)

      ATX12V compliant power supply (brand new)

      Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.80 GHZ processor (brand new)


      The mobo has onboard video (DVI & HDMI only) & audio.

      Everything I bought brand new.


      I installed the processor & fan, then the RAM sticks, connected the 2 x 12 & 2 x 2 power, then connected SATA hard drive & cd-rom.

      Connect USB keyboard & mouse, DVI video cable.


      Turn it on... no warning beeps, no video display.

      I unplugged & replugged in the DVI cable.  No change

      I swapped it out for an HDMI cable.  Nothing.

      CPU fan & power supply fans are all running.

      I can hear the hard drive start spinning.

      When I try to switch the monitor from DVI to HDMI & back again, all it says is it's not receiving a signal from the computer.


      I tried to take everything out and rebuild it in the mobo box and outside the tower with no change at all.  If I remove all the RAM, I get the three beeps, if I put one stick of RAM back in, I get no beeps at all but also no video display.

      I've tried taking the battery out for a minute then replacing it, switching the jumpers on the BIO from default to configure and even to recovery but nothing changes and I still get no video & no beeps.  What am I doing wrong?