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    How do I give permission??


      How do I give permission to this? I'm trying to update my audio driver.


      Before the Intel Driver Update Utility can analyze this computer you need to give                     your permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component called SysReqLab.cab,                     SRLApplet or System Requirements Lab from Husdawg, LLC.

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          If you are using Internet Explorer, look for a message near the top of the screen. WIth Internet Explorer 8 the message looks like this:


          Click on the message and choose to allow the add on.

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            I wonder why you have to get internet 8 i was told by a technichian that it was no good. Write back id like to find out.

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              Internet Explorer 8 is not required to use the Intel Driver Update Utility. I use Firefox 3.5 on my home computer and sometimes use Internet Explorer 8 for sites where Internet Explorer works better. If you use Firefox, then you must make sure that Java is loaded and enabled on your browswer. When you click on the "Check your system for the latest updates" button, you will need to give permission to run a Java program to detect what devices and drivers are installed.


              If you use Internet Explorer, the permission bar is at the top of the page and is easy to miss. No matter whether you want to use Internet Explorer or Firefox browswers, you must permit the program to run.