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    Intel HD 4600 Graphics with HDMI 1.4 Stereoscopic Full HD 3D on Glasses-Free 3D display


      Hello, I just purchased a Dell with the Intel HD 4600 Graphics and the NVidia Quadro K1100m graphics.  I am trying to connect to an autostereoscopic Glasses-Free 3D display that functions on the HDMI 1.4 spec for Full High Definition 3D (FHD3D) using a screen resolution of 1920x2205 at 30 Hz and feeding in two 1920x1080 images in an over-under format with a 45 pixel gap between them.  I have it working in 3D with my workstation utilizing the NVidia Quadro FX 5800 card and now want to get it on the laptop.  We are a reseller for the displays and they are really great for 3D graphics.

      I bought a laptop with the Quadro card specifically for this, but so far I can only seem to get the Intel HD card to control connection to the external 3d monitor through HDMI, even with the optimus technology and setting the NVidia card as the preferred card and associating it with my application.  I want to either 1.) enable the NVidia adapter to control the external monitor or 2.) output properly formatted video with the Intel HD 4600 adapter.

      I saw that there may be some support for HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic specifications for the Intel HD 4600 through the inTru technology.  Our monitor takes FHD3D at 30 Hz rather than 24 Hz.  Should it be possible to utilize the Intel HD 4600 Graphics to get Full High Definition 3D to work at 1920x2205 resolution @ 30Hz?  Thank you.