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    Youtube/netflix problems in windows 8.1, Unable to install chipset and infrared driver.


      My D34010WYK has actually had at least parts of this issue from the start (Netflix/youtube). After a while I got so tired so I installed open elec instead.

      Now I think its time to once and for all to find out what the real issue is.


      I have installed all the latest drivers available (well except for the chipset and infraread drivers which fails during install) and everything available from windows update. When playing 720 and 1080p movies in youtube, and all HD movies in netflix I get what looks like framefreeze from time to time. In youtube when checking the details of the player no framedrops is seen. Processor is at around 40-50% work load.


      When using XBMC and correct settings it plays everything flawlessly with no framedrops visible.

      Any help would be much appreciated.