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    How to try out changes to a driver...


      Suppose I wish to try out a simple change to one of the drivers to see what it does, what is the preferred way to do so.


      Example: intel_mid_ssp_spi.c file, I would like to try changing where it clamps the divide to a minimum of 3 to 2 to see if I then get 8mhz...


      Do you make the changes in this generated file (build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux.linux-yocto/....

      or do you make the file in the file that generated it:



      I assume probably the patch file.  (likewise if I wish to turn on debug support?)


      Now after I bitbake the stuff.  Do I need to install a whole image, or is there a simple way to just replace and/or override a driver.


      Note: I have already have done a successful bitbake of the unmodified latest edison-src.  I have not yet gone through the process of actually installing it and running it.


      Sorry if these are obvious questions, I have not gone through the process of changing a linux kernel before.