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    i7 920, DX58S0, temperature and fan speeds question


      I have a DX58S0 mobo and a 920 processor, and I have recently become concerned about the temps, just looking for some feedback on this!  The idle temps look "ok", ranging from 35 to 38 degrees, but when I push the system, especially with a program designed to max all cores, the temps soar higher than I would expect, and there is no spinup of the fans.  Using OCCTPT and Real Temp, after about 30 seconds or so the temps climb to over 70 degrees.  This causes OCCT to panic and shut down the test.  Now, I haven't entered in any actual temp values for it to clamp on because I don't know what the "alarm" temp is on the 920 chip.  That's one answer I'm hoping to find


      Also, I found it strange that the entire time the processor is heating up drastically the fans in the system (controlled by the mobo headers) never spin up from their normal speed (cpu fan is around 1200 RPM, it's a Zalman 9700, case fans spin at about 600 rpm, 120mm fans)  I believe I used the proper amount of HS compound, but even still, under that load the fan should react, no?


      For the record, no overclocking on the system, it's running all stock speeds, and the memory is running slower than stock at the moment (still getting around to that)


      I'm just looking for some feedback or information on what "normal" is to a i7 920 cpu as far as temperature goes.  What should the cpu go to under load?  What is normal for idle?  Thanks for any info on this!